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on 10-31-2015.

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  • Ideal for children 14 & up
  • Can be kept singly or in pairs
  • Curious with an active disposition
  • Lives 5 to 25 years

  • Canaries love to have visual contact with their Pet Parents, however, typically do not like to be handled. Talking and whistling to your canary will provide the interaction and socialization she needs. Canaries can be kept singly or in pairs. Typically, females can be kept together without difficulty. The beautiful song of the male bird makes the canary an amusing and entertaining pet.

    Things to remember

    Feed her 1-2 teaspoons of a pellet or seed-based, fortified canary diet each day.

    High metabolic rate
    Because a canary's metabolism is very active, food should be available at all times.

    Long-term companions
    Before purchasing, be aware that a canary requires a long-term commitment of approximately 15 to 25 years.

    Be sure to provide a cuttle bone in your canary's cage at all times.

    Canaries like to fly, so when selecting a cage remember that length is better than height. Your canary's cage must be large enough for her to comfortably stretch her wings and fly between perches. The bigger the cage, the better.

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